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After two full-length studio albums, several EPs and four well-received European tours, indie pop band ALSO is back in the studio, continuing on their sonic journey towards ever more spacious, cinematic dreamscapes, all swirling around delicate, lyric-centered songwriting.

Drew Roger Conrad (vocals, guitars, beats) and Mark Zelen (bass, guitars, keyboards) formed the Los Angeles-based trio in the early aughts with drummer Scotland Stephenson, who returned to his native state of Georgia in 2012. Always open to change and inspiration, Conrad and Zelen decided to carry on without a human drummer, indulging their more spatial, experimental inclinations along with Conrad’s lifelong obsession with beats and percussion.


So why the name ALSO? It may seem common, unassuming. But it holds the power to expand the realm of possibility. A glass half empty is also half full. And just like that: a new perspective is revealed. Never settling in one spot, on one answer, it continues—like the music and the band—to wonder, wander and explore.



Festoon (Single) – 2020

Limousine: Instrumental (Single) – 2020

Were We But Shadows (Single) – 2020

That's How Stars Are Made (Single) – 2020

Holiday (Single) – 2020

Chinese Ghost City (EP) – 2012

Music Belongs in the Background – 2011

Pretty (Single) – 2009

By Now You Should Know (Single) – 2009

It Was Fine to Be Kind – 2006

Send Them Off Smiling (EP) – 2005

Morning (EP) – 2003

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