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  • Drew Conrad

Why the band name ALSO?

There is so much meaning in this seemingly simple, four-letter word, “also”. As we know, it means “in addition”. But it connotes so much more. It implies possibility. There is hardship in life - cruelty and violence. Yes, unfortunately, there is. But there is also goodness, kindness and generosity. So which do we focus on? That is…also…up to us.

It can be quite challenging today to be a “glass-half-full” person. I struggle with it constantly. Everywhere we look, we see destruction. We see some human beings behaving in the most deplorable ways. And this is what makes the news and social media, at least in great part. As the saying goes, “Good news doesn’t make the news.” And it should. Good things happen every day. So why this obsession with negativity? Destruction? Are we so different when we compulsively watch such things from earlier civilizations who went to see live blood sports? I know that sounds extreme - but it’s the same indicator of a pessimistic society.

Let us not ever forget that we have choices in life - how we choose to react to events and people. It can be as simple as your child’s school experiment not going as planned. Let them know that it’s not a failure - it’s one step closer to success! I’m not talking about not letting them feel sad or frustrated. That’s part of life. It really does make us stronger. Nor do I mean giving them a prize just for showing up. That sets false expectations about how the world works. What I mean is - let’s try our best to remember that there is also another way to see every situation, big and small and everything in between. Many ways in fact. Let’s not allow ourselves to get swallowed up in negativity. There is also so much joy out there. Let’s seek it, and even better, be the bringers of it.


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