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  • Drew Conrad

Be a Real Man

We often live in a dualistic world, one that categorizes everything as right or wrong, good or evil, friend or foe. This same dualism haunts the male persona. Are you a “real man” - a tough guy, or are you sensitive? The very idea that the two are opposed is interesting. What exactly is a “real man”? Is it a man who can handle any pain without wincing? A man who need not succumb to the weakness that is emotion? And what exactly is weak about emotion? This may not go over so well in some circles, but I would dare to say that the avoidance of emotion is in fact a profound weakness. Sometimes life hurts, losing hurts, loving hurts. Is the strong man the one who will not look at, not acknowledge these pains? Or is he in fact the one who is bold enough to meet such suffering head-on? To have the courage to cry at a tremendous loss? To have the guts to be vulnerable enough to say, “I love you”?

Shall we wait until our last day

To say “I love you”?

This is the question asked in our song “I Love You”. When should we show affection to those we cherish? Do we wait until the last second? When do we take the time to visit a loved one not seen in years, perhaps to make amends for past differences? If we wait too long, the plane ticket we finally purchase will be for the funeral. Love is for now. Life is here now. I urge my fellow men to “step up to the plate” and be a real man - one who has the courage to love, the fearlessness to be gentle and kind, the grit to be a loving father, husband, and son. Dare to be more than cool and heartless.


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